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Fuqua, Dennis Principal
Everett, Kevin Assistant Principal
Jackson, Randall Assistant Principal

Adams, Stephanie Honors World History
Barnes, Jonathan SPED
Beauchamp, Kristopher Algebra and Geometry
Buitron, Stephanie CTE-Career Preparedness
Cockrell, Hayley Music Education
Eddins, Kim Government / Economics
Everett, Kevin Assistant Principal
Fuqua, Dennis Principal
Hall, Roland Biology/ Earth Space Science
Helton, Suzanne Health Science
Howard, Rosa Special Education
Jackson, Randall Assistant Principal
Jernigan, R. Lee Welding
Linam, Tracy Intervention Reading and Math
Mason, Scott Athletic Director
McGhee, Stephanie English
McLaughlin, Lisa SPED
Mims, Guy Spanish
Morris, Sturleen Media Specialist
Nichols, Walton CTE-Culinary Arts
Nipper, Teresa Cosmetology
Oliver, Tiffany Honors English
Owens, Rodney Agriscience
Rippstein, Nancy US History 11th Grade
Sellers, Leslie Business Teacher/Cooperative Education Coordinator
Shears, John Physical Education
Spicer, Stephanie Math
Trawick, Ashley Counselor 9 - 12
Watkins, Yvette Access Education
Webber, Conrad Chorus
Whatley, Barbara Chemistry / Physics
Woodruff, Jacob Algebra
Wright, Talia Physical Science

Alaniz, Stephanie Nurse
Chandler, Julie Special Education Aide
Harrison, Emily Reception
Kyles, Darlene Reception
Quarker, Mary Special Education Aide
Reynolds, Schemenia P E Aide
Watkins, Yvette Access Education
Young, Cindy Cafeteria Manager

Robinson, Raymond Athletics