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Parent Letter 8/15/2016

ECHS Self Assessment 9/23/2014

Escambia County High School, along with all other schools in the Escambia County School System, is currently involved in the Accreditation process through Advance Ed.  

The Self Assessment is a critical component of the AdvancED accreditation process. The AdvancED Self Assessment (SA) is designed to serve as a valuable tool that will assist schools in reflecting upon their effectiveness as well as prepare them for an External Review. The Self Assessment is based on the five AdvancED Standards for Quality, which serve as the foundation of the AdvancED accreditation process. In order to earn and maintain accreditation, schools must meet the five AdvancED Standards for Quality, engage in a process of continuous improvement and host an External Review at least once every five years.


The SA has been designed to engage the school community in an in-depth evaluation of each of the five AdvancED Standards for Quality by creating a set of questions and rubrics that enable a school to most accurately describe its continuous improvement progress. In completing the report, a school identifies the evidence, data, information and documented results that validate that it is meeting each Standard. This Self Assessment helps a school identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement by reflecting upon questions posed in the Indicators and rating themselves on a 4-level scale.


The SA also serves as the primary resource for the External Review Team, which uses the report to prepare for the review. The team uses insights gathered from the report and information obtained during the on-site review to provide feedback to the school and to make an accreditation recommendation.